La Casona de Espirdo
La Casona de Espirdo


If you would like to travel with your dog, it is very welcome at The Casona de Espirdo. You can have it with you in your bedroom at no extra cost.

We ask the owners to respect the other guests because of this during your stay you must abide by these rules:

* On entering and leaving the hotel the dog must be tied on a leash or be held in arms

* When in the porch area it must be tied up too

* The dog cannot stay in common areas ( dining-room and living-room).

* If the owner is in the Casona, the dog is only allowed to stay in the bedroom. When the guest leaves the Casona the dog must always leave with the


* When necessary we can always give you the address of a dog residence which can be found in a nearby village.

For other pets, we need you to tell us which animal it is and what their habits are to be able to allow its stay.


A well trained dog is a great companion when travelling, but even though you trust your dog completely you must remember that it is out of its own environment therefore the animal may react in an unpredictable way.

Please do not allow your pet to jump up onto the beds, sofas, armchairs… but if your pet is used to do this please cover the furniture with a sheet to protect the surface.

Keep your pet clean and never use Hotel towels to wash your animal. Bring your own towels etc for your animal.

Do not forget to bring the animals documentation. It is a good idea to have a collar on the animal with a mobile phone number where the owner can be contacted quickly in case the animal runs away.

Bring a basic first aid kit; your vet can give you advice on this. Get information about nearby vets in case of need.

Donīt forget anything that your pet may need, remember itīs one more in the family. Find out where the nearest pet shop is in case you need anything for your pet.

If your pet is a cat, a rabbit or a ferret please leave them in their boxes. If your pet is a bird its cage would be the safest place to keep it.

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